Public Service Announcement: Don't Exist... LIVE!

Written By: Ali Alaa Ali

Posted on: 11/05/2017

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So some of you might know that I've left my job about a year ago to pursue a life out of the office and in service of any cause I might want to serve.

That change brought with it a move out of Dubai, the city I grew up in, and into Cairo, my birth city. I immediately kicked into action, living life to the... I'm just kidding, it was horrifying!

The first two months I felt lost, I didn't know what to do, I didn't know where to go, I didn't know what I wanted. But as the fog cleared with time, and a lot of sports, I started to dig deeper into my passions of sports and programming. Online courses helped to get me up-to-date with the latest languages and technologies, and further education in sports helped me become a better trainer.

Eventually, I was able to land my first job as a freelance developer, and land a few permanent schedule slots as a Group Exercise Trainer.

But, here's the catch. As developer jobs kept coming and GX classes increased, I fell again into a routine and a comfort zone. I forgot why I originally made the move, to the extent that any deviation to that routine terrified me.

In the past month, a few opportunities to work with a start up, to take my GX profession further, to venture into quick trips to countries I haven't been to before presented themselves. To be honest, my first reaction was to preemptively reject them without giving them second thought. They did deviate from my comfort zone after all.

As I was about to reject all of these opportunities, I re-watched a movie that was just comedy to me until its meaning hit me. That movie is 'Yes Man' by Jim Carrey. Needless to say, I just said yes to all of those things that I was on the verge of rejecting.

Now, a month later, I am writing this post to do a service to any of you that is faced with such a dilemma. SAY YES!.

I have never felt so Alive! it's refreshing to be out of your comfort zone, it's challenging, it's full of potential and unknowns, it fills the soul with optimism and outlook!

A routine is just you on auto-pilot... existing. But new things are you taking the wheel and steering into that road you always saw the ramp to, but never took although you always wondered where it leads. You become alert!, proactive, awake, hopeful.

Now it's not all roses and glitter, this road has its bumps and its downs. But that's part of the fun of it, being completely and absolutely in the moment. Carpe Diem fails to capture the beauty of that feeling, unless you experience it first.

So here's my Public Service Announcement: Don't Exist... LIVE!!

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